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Covercraft Canine Covers
Covercraft Canine Covers
Canine Covers Custom Rear Seat Protectors
  • Custom tailored for perfect fit
  • Patterns also available for split seats
  • Quilted padded seatbase for added canine comfort
  • Easy Care - Machine Washable
  • Three fabric choices available

Custom Rear Seat Protectors Rear Seat Protectors

Canine Covers CoverAll
  • Can be ordered with Custom Rear Seat Protector
  • Secures to skirt on Custom Rear Seat Protector (this part covers the back of the front seat only)
  • Custom patterned to contour to floor/front seats
  • Easy to install - Easy Care - Machine Washable
  • Three fabric choices available

    CoverAll CoverAll

Canine Covers Semi-Custom Rear Seat Protectors
  • Eleven (11) sizes to fit a variety of applications
  • Durable /comfortable polycotton drill fabric
  • With DWR (durable water repellency) finish
  • Easy Care - Machine Washable
  • Choose from (8) interior-complementing colors

    Semi-Custom Rear Seat Protectors Rear Seat Protectors

Canine Covers Semi-Custom Bucket Seat Protectors
  • For dogs who travel "up front"
  • Fits Most Bucket Seats
  • Available in Single Units
  • Easy Care - Machine Washable
  • Three fabric choices available

    Semi-Custom Bucket Seat Protectors Bucket Seat Protectors

Canine Covers Econo Plus Rear Seat Protectors
  • Features of Econo made with polycotton fabric
  • Durable /comfortable polycotton drill fabric
  • Six (6) sizes fit most cars and SUVs
  • Easy Care - Machine Washable
  • Choose from (4) colors

    Econo Plus Rear Seat Protectors Rear Seat Protectors

Canine Covers Econo Rear Seat Protectors
  • Seat protection at a budget price
  • Durable coated polyester fabric
  • Six (6) sizes fit most cars and SUVs
  • Easy Care - Machine Washable
  • Choose from (4) colors

    Econo Rear Seat Protectors Rear Seat Protectors

Canine Covers Cargo Area Travel Liner
  • Ultimate comfort for the lucky canine
  • Used in SUVs
  • Custom tailored for a perfect fit
  • Easy Care - Machine Washable (commercial machine)
  • Three fabric choices available

    Cargo Area Travel LinerCargo Area Travel Liner

Canine Covers Door Shield
  • Protect inside door panels from scuffs and dirt
  • Available in 22" or 26" width
  • Durable coated polyester fabric
  • Easy Installation-Easy Care-Machine Washable
  • Sold as Pairs - Choose from (4) colors

    Door Shield Door Shield

Canine Covers The Ultimate Dog Bed
  • For home use or travel - a bed to call "home"
  • Easily fits in back of SUV or Wagon
  • Padded bolsters & floor pad
  • Easy Care - Machine Washable
  • Three fabric choices available

    Ultimate Dog Bed Dog Bed

Canine Covers Back Seat Dog Bed
  • Dual purpose comfort for travel or home use
  • Size - 46" W x 19" D
  • Same durable construction as our "Ultimate"dog beds
  • Easy to install and remove from vehicle
  • Polycotton Drill Fabric / Choose from eight (8) colors

    Back Seat Dog Bed Dog Bed

Canine Covers Rear Seat Hammock / Sling
  • Universal Size - 54" L x 56" W
  • Easy to Use / Waterproof Fabric
  • Helps keep your vehicle interior clean
  • Straps around headrest or headrest post
  • Choose from four interior-complementing colors

    Rear Seat Hammock / Sling Seat Hammock

Canine Covers SofaSaver    Canine Covers SofaSaver
  • Protection for the sofa in your RV or Trailer
  • Choose between two universal sizes
  • Easy Installation
  • Easy Care - Machine Wash and Dry
  • Choose from eight (8) popular colors

    SofaSaver SofaSaver

SeatSaver Waterproof

Carhartt SeatSavers

SeatSaver Polycotton

SeatSaver Prym1 Camo

Dog Car Seat Covers

When it comes to your dog and car travel, Covercraft Canine Covers provide the most comfortable way for your pet to ride in style while protecting car seating surfaces, floor, seatback and cargo areas from pet hair, scuffing and accidents. Dog experts agree that that your dogs comfort is the key to a successful trip. Covercraft Canine Covers are the ultimate dog seat and interior area protectors for people who travel with dogs and want to maintain the interior appearance of their car, Truck or SUV. The first car dog seat protector was developed in 1998 and the product line now includes choices of custom, semi custom and universal type seat protectors, custom cargo area covers, door shields and pet travel restraints. Also offered are plush easy to-clean dog beds for home use or travel. All of the Covercraft Canine Covers provide excellent car interior protection and are easy to use, but most importantly they will provide comfort for your traveling pet. Quality products, designed and built by the quality team at Covercraft!
Canine Covers Semi-Custom Bucket Seat Protection From Covercraft Protecting your interior seat material from pet damage is now quicker and easier with these semi-custom Canine Covers from Covercraft Industries. They fit most front and rear bucket seats and feature generous hook & loop flap openings to accommodate most seat belts. You can choose from tough polycotton drill weave or polyester suede fabrics, both with durable water repellent finishes, and theyre available in 12 interior complementing colors. Both fabrics breathe for your pets traveling comfort. These fabrics provide a textured positive footing and quilted padded seat base, while the non-slip grip material on the underside reduces movement. A built-in nylon liner provides added protection against accidents. Security pods and adjustable headrest straps help hold the protector in place. Theyre easy to install and remove and are machine washable. If your car, truck or SUV also carries your pet, you need these bucket seat protectors.


 Lots of people travel with their canine companion and one thing dogs do is shed. Hair gets everywhere, including a nice layer on the seats that never is easy to clean. Covercraft Industries now has the solution to this age-old problem, Canine Covers for your bucket seats. These covers protect your seat upholstery, like a car cover protects the outside, from general pet damage, shedding and accidents. You can brush them to remove hair, and if theyre really soiled, they can be removed/replaced easily and cleaned in your home washer and dryer. Canine Covers are also available for front and rear bench seats, floor and rear cargo areas and door panels, providing complete interior protection.Canine Covers are available in seven popular solid colors and three True Timber camo patterns (Conceal Brown shown here). The rich colored camo-patterns are digitally printed on woven polyester, solid colors are polycotton, both durable fabrics will keep your seats dry and clean as well. Canine Covers also provide an additional cushion for your pets traveling comfort

Vehicle protection if your dog travels everywhere you do!

Your CANINE COVER is simple to maintain and a quick shake will suffice between launderings. Wash in cold water (not hot) using 1/4 cup Simple Green detergent and line dry or put in the dryer on medium temperature setting.
The large CARGO LINER is sewn in two sections for ease of home washing.

  1. Using a large commercial washer without agitator, wash the cover using 1/4 cup of Simple Green All-Purpose Cleaner. Put the cover in the washer and pour the cleaner in the tub after it’s filled with water or pour it directly in the machine (on some wall mounted commercial units), then put in the cover and start the machine .
  2. Rinse the cover twice (2X) to remove all the cleaner.
  3. Hang and allow to air dry.

Canine Covers may also be spot-cleaned if required:

  • Mix one ounce Simple Green All-Purpose Cleaner per quart of warm water.
  • Spray or sponge onto cover.
  • Rinse with plain water (until no suds) and allow to air dry.

Simple Green is available in most world markets or visit their web-site

Putting on the cover is easy. Push the foam inserts into the crevice between the seat and seat back. Some “COVERALL” models may have 2 foam inserts which are inserted into pockets on the back of the front seats. Attach hook and loop straps around rear headrests. Some seat covers for cars without headrests may be attached with flaps instead of straps. These are installed with rear seat(s) tilted forward and flaps extended over the top of the tilted seatback, with hook and loop tape pressed onto the back of the seat. Other covers may be attached with narrow straps which fit into the child seat hook anchors (on cars 2000 and newer) on the rear deck. Most CANINE COVERS have stiff slip-resistant tabs on the upper side of the cover which are inserted between the seat and the car.

If you purchased a COVERALL, make sure that the hook and loop strip (which allows access from front seat to back seat) is placed toward the front of the vehicle and that straps are placed around the front seat headrests. Most SUV's have either one long extra strap which goes around the seat back or 2 to 4 shorter straps which attach to the seat back. Seatbelts may be accessed through the hook and loop strip in the seam joining seat and seat back or, in custom covers, under hook and loop closed fabric tabs in the seat section. Most CARGO LINERS have ties which attach underneath to cargo tie downs. Some models may be attached with hook and loop material.


Now You Can Keep Your Auto Clean and Smelling Good With Our Custom Designed Canine Covers. We Take The Guesswork Out Of Having A Beautiful and Nice Smelling Automobile With Canine Covers!

Canine Covers
Covercraft Industries has released the latest addition to their CANINE COVERS line of vehicle interior protection products. These semi-custom bucket seat protectors are designed for pets that ride in your front or rear buckets seats, and are available in eight of the most popular interior complementing colors. These covers fit most bucket seats with up to 24-inches seat back height, 23-inch seat back width and 20-inch seat base cushion depth with 21-inch width. Generous hook & loop straps assure an easy and secure installation.

These handy covers feature a polycotton drill weave fabric with water repellent finish that “breathes” for Fido’s travel comfort. The fabric weave provides a positive footing surface while the quilted padded seat base provides pet comfort. Security “pods” between the seat base and seat back help hold the protector in position. Should your seat protector become soiled, it’s machine washable and takes only minutes to remove and replace.

Our Canine Covers Are Custom Designed Just For Your Car and Your Pet.

I’ve got a German Sheppard that I love taking into town with me. The problem is that I’ve also got a baby that rides around with me. I don’t like taking the dog and baby together but do enjoy the company of the dog when I’m alone.

The other day my wife was fussing about all the dog hair in the car.

Now with my canine cover I am able to take the dog into town and remove the cover when the wife and kids are in the car. It’s the best of both worlds.

Use the chart below to determine which semi-custom or
econo universal type Seat Protector fits your vehicle.
It is usually better to go slightly larger if in doubt on the size.
NOTE - You must have headrest on the seatback for the
Seat Protector to strap to.

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